When you create your own screws, you must not delete the second drilling. The code that makes sure each screw behaves correctly when a cabinet is reshaped, expects two drillings. If you delete one of them, you may see something like this: figure 1 shows the screws after placement. They are placed correctly. Figure 2 shows the screws’ position after the cabinet has been reshaped. These screws only have one drilling.

Screws ok
Screws moved

But I don’t need two drillings. What do I do?

We have a solution for you. Simply replace the drilling you don’t want with a null machining. You can find it in the interiorcad tool palette:

Null Machining tool

Please make sure you don’t ungroup anything. Enter each group that you encounter inside the screw symbol until you are able to select the drilling you don’t want. Then, delete the screw and place the null machining where the screw was.