interiorcad 2019

New features in interiorcad 2019

Grain Direction and Edgebanding in Cabinet 3D

We have added control over individual edges for all parts of the Cabinet 3D. It is now possible to assign different materials to individual edges of all parts. Grain direction can also be assigned globally and individually for both the core materials and the coverings of any part of the Cabinet 3D. Now, you can align your grain direction both visually, for rendering and for all parts lists with just one step.

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Sets for Cabinet 3D Settings

Save frequently used settings for the Front Division, Back Panel, Plinth, Legs, Scribes, Shape, Presentation and Construction. Combine these settings freely to mix and match designs.

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Distribute Fittings, Textures, Sets and Material Sets Automatically via Workgroup Folders

Share commonly used settings with your team via Vectorworks’ built-in Workgroup Folders.

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Miscellaneous improvements: Mitered Pliths, Sides to Floor, Improved Front Detail Labels

You can now have a mitered plinth, cabinet sides to floor and more detailed front infos without ungrouping the Cabinet 3D object. Fitting libraries are now filtered automatically according to use.

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Part Layout and Dimensioned 2D Drawings

Generate part layouts and flattened 2D drawings with just one click. All millings are displayed. User-definable graphic attributes can be assigned via class attributes. For customers without a CNC-based workflow, this feature is a great way to generate those detail drawings for thew workshop without the hassle of setting up layouts and sections.

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Cut / Resize Custom Parts

Have two custom parts resized or cut to form a butt-mitered joint.

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