interiorcad 2017

New features in interiorcad 2017

Adjustments to cabinets after inserting fittings

After completing a design that includes many cabinets (e.g. a line of kitchen cabinets) and you’ve inserted the 3D fittings, your client wants to change the dimensions. A potential nightmare! With the new fitting logic in interiorcad 2017, the fittings will be moved to match the new design dimensions.

New plinth and scribe dialog

Delivered as requested: The new cabinet maker comes with new plinth and scribe dialogs. Edges of scribes can be mitered or constructed as continuous sides or tops. Plinths can be designed carcass or front mounted. Their Custom parts can be designed individually and enabled one by one. To prove more stability to the cabinet, you can add stretchers. Additionally we have included a new plinth tool to place a plinth below a selection of cabinets, for example below a complete line of kitchen cabinets or an island of cabinets.


Saving cabinets with 3D-fittings as defaults

In interiorcad 2017 you can save cabinets with their fittings as default. If you need a similar cabinet again, just choose it in the cabinet maker’s tool bar. Thanks to the new fitting logic, you can easily adapt the default cabinets to your new challenge at any time and their fittings will adjust automatically.

back-optionsNew back options: Flush and Groovecaptured

Small innovation, great effect: Even flush and groovecaptured back panels can now be chosen in the new cabinet maker.

Magic miter: No need to calculate miter angles

The new Magic miter tool miteres 3D custom parts automatically. It will mitre as many parts as you like. Polygonal Custom parts that do not touch are automatically lengthened. All miter angles are visible in the Object Info palette or included in the VectorWOP machine programs automatically. For the construction of more elaborate benches, chairs, or counters, this simple extension of the production realism can save you days or weeks of additional work.

moebel-schnittlogikNew sectioning logic for Cabinets and Custom parts

With the new sectioning logic in interiorcad 2017 you can assign hatches to all components or assemblies of the cabinet maker. All materials, coverings, coatings and edges can have different hatches assigned through their classes. These hatches will display in section viewports. And, of course, individual components can also be provided with completely different hatches.

longest-fittingImproved drawer system and new fittings

If the option “Longest possible fitting” is checked for the wooden and system drawers, only the fittings with optimal length are displayed. This simplifies the list of the extended wooden drawer library and saves time. Also new: wooden drawers can now also be designed in such a way that the drawer bottom is inserted from the end of the drawer.


Mastersnaps: Simplified construction

In Vectorworks interiorcad 2017 the most important construction points (Mastersnaps) always have priority. For cabinets and 3D Custom parts, this means that the corners can be used more easily without zooming during the construction. The placement of the fittings is also considerably simplified.

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