interiorcad 2016

New features in interiorcad 2016

What is Production realism?

Like photo realism produces realistic images on your computer, Production realism enables you to create your advanced 3D furniture design right on the computer screen, taking advantage of all the great Vectorworks interiorcad 3D modelling and presentation features. And because you are not interested in pretty pictures for their own sake, you have full control over the production process of each part of your design at every single step along the way. What you build on the screen will be milled, drilled and bevel jointed on your NC machinery. Last, but not least, bill of materials, costings and other workshop-ready documents are taken care of, too.


Production realism Tutorial

Work through the design of a desk to experience the amazing benefits of Vectorworks interiorcad’s Production realism. Just download it free of charge.

Holzschubkaesten2016Hinges, Connectors, Drawers, Runners – New 3D Fittings

All fittings are displayed in full details in 3D, including drillings and other millings required. Fully customizable in your design.

  • Specialized drawer tool to create both drawer systems and wooden drawers
  • Häfele (inlcuding Blum & Grass) drawer box systems included
  • Hettich, Blum and Grass hinges included
  • Hettich and Häfele connectors included

More fittings will be added to the library in 2016 and can be downloaded for free.

boards_xgAny milling can be customized to accommodate special requirements, e.g. increasing the drilling depth recommended by the supplier.

Add custom fittings to your library at any time.

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Streamlined textures & materials for Cabinet Maker and Custom Parts

Vectorworks interiorcad 2016 features a new release of the industry-leading Cinema 4D rendering engine. A new sets of wood textures and material sets allows you to take fully advantage of these great capabilities to create stunning renderings of your designs.

In interiorcad and interior xs.

Custom Parts and Cabinet Maker

Place multiple dowels, screws or hinges on your designs by a single click. interiorcad’s grid technology takes care of placing the fittings on all equivalent joints. This allows you to place all fittings of a given type on your cabinets in one feel swoop while still being able to fully customize placement and drillings for each individual fitting.

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Advanced front design

The front design component of the Cabinet Maker has grown-up quite a bit. Subdivide a cabinet into multiple boxes, place partitions, shelves, stretchers. Define recesses for parts or complete boxes. Subdivide each box again and again. There are no limits to your front designs. Customize the material of each part of your design to your hearts content. Delight your customers with your designs.

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Polygonal cabinet shapes

Designing cabinets with a non-rectangular base shape requires specialized hinge hardware. interiorcad 2016 has got you covered with full support for angled hinges, even using angled spacers to accommodate your designs.

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Hole line tool

Create grid drillings efficiently with the new hole line tool. Subdivide or combine lines. interiorcad’s Production realism takes care of getting your grid drillings on your machine efficiently.

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No data silos

Do you want to your bill of materials available in other specialized industry software packages, e.g. for cutting optimization? Vectorworks interiorcad 2016 not only offers exporting your data in standard data formats like Excel or CSV, but also a wide range of preconfigured interfaces to standard industry software packages. Vectorworks interiorcad’s export part of any interface provided will always be free.

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VectorWOP: Even more capabilities, more NC-machinery supported

In addition to woodWOP, IMAWOP, NC-HOPS and Xilog Plus, VectorWOP 2016 now supports WoodFlash and DXF.

Tailor VectorWOP’s output to your NC production process with a rich set of additional configuration options. Sensible defaults provide a great out-of-the-box experience to get you started.

VectorWOP’s new NC Macro 3D object even allows you take advantage of all the custom NC macros you‘re using to drive your machine right in Vectorworks interiorcad 2016.

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