New materials system

Melamin-faced, solid, glass, hand-veneered or 3-layered panels. interiorcad 2020 configures materials, as you need them.

Part Layout 2.0

Display mitres with angles, edit column layouts, and dimension drilling types.

Drawers 2.0

Increased speed, multiple selection and improved reliability. Place drawers like never before.

Completely revised drawer box


Because it is one of our most used tools, we have invested a lot of time and effort to give the drawer tool a completely new code base. It now feels much faster and more responsive. Apart from this, wooden drawers can now be defined as purchased items. This means that they do not end up in the parts list but in the order list for purchased parts….optionally, with or without slides.

Have fun!

Material-Evolution: Manufacturing realism ‘extreme’


Actually there’s a reason to celebrate: The material properties of components have been adjusted so that a clear distinction can be made between melamin-faced and hand-veneered materials, as well as solid wood.

In addition, material sets can now be selected from the Info-Palette.

Part Layout 2020

The Part Layout has received a lot of positive feedback since its creation, much to our surprise, not only from companies that manufacture without CNC. Unsurprisingly, a number of feature requests were received as well. We have listened and launched the new version of Part Layout with the following new functions:

  • Dimensioning of single holes
  • Dimensioning of rows of holes
  • Showing mitre angles
  • Representation at Layout level of user defined scales or specification of width/height of the display
  • Representation of selected assemblies in 3D cabinet furniture
Data Tags

Transitioning from the office straight to production is now ‘par for course’. However, relocating the parts can be tricky due to the advanced nature of the work preparation. interiorcad 2020 can now use Vectorworks data tags to dynamically and permanently label components. Any information can be read from each component and stamped in both the construction and in viewports and even section viewports..

This also works for parts that are nested inside the cabinet generator. The data stamp always remains linked to the object, even if material, name or position of the part change.

Cabinet 3D – Change handles


Time is money and faster is always better. Since “getting finished” has become our motto (big thankyou to our loyal customers for the motto of the decade), we have a handle on this. The new menu command “change handles” now allows you to exchange or re-place handles and their position and orientation on multiple cabinets at the same time.

Handles can be exchanged for doors and drawers or only for one type of front.

 If the selected furniture has no handle on individual or multiple fronts, then you can add the handles, again, separated by ‘type of front’.

Box Objects


As soon as a new function is created, further requests start to emerge. We listen and do everything possible within our power. The placing options for objects in cabinet boxes have been greatly expanded.
Additionally, milling objects contained in symbols are now evaluated and applied to the parts in the cabinet.
This allows some interesting uses.

An example is wardrobe rail end supports, that are to be attached centrally on both internal faces of the body.
This option is also useful if for example a rear wall hanger is to be placed. The easiest way is to simply create sets for different objects which, once generated, will always carry over all their settings.

Create components from cabinet units

Our interiorcad 3D parts have learned something new. 

interiorcad parts can now be created from several selected cabinet units. We already have this functionality present in our plinth tool. If you have several cabinets, each with individual plinths, a common plinth can be placed under the cabinets. 

Show insertion point


Of course, its nice that components and cabinet furniture can have different insertion points. The current update draws reference points as an added option. Now, you can recognise the reference point at first glance. No need to open a dialog.

One click in the info palette is enough. Insertion points disappear just as easily.

If you want to change the stock symbol, you can define your own.

Sets and assembly filters for CNC and parts lists

The CNC Export now has filters for a finer control of the manufacturing strategy.

Any number of parts can be selected under “Assemblies”. 

Instead of selecting the settings dialogue for each output, simply choose ‘Set’ in the export dialogue. 

New graphics for Dark Mode
Repair object connections.

The”Dark Mode” is available on macOS with Vectorworks 2020 and all graphics and icons have been optimized so that they are easy to read on light and dark backgrounds. 

The command “Repair Object” (interiorcad menu), now only repairs components whose object connections are defective. Since the names of the components are changed during this operation, it didn’t make sense to do this for all components. Only the names of components that have been repaired are re-generated. All other components and component names remain unaffected.