The Interior Design Plugin for Vectorworks

For whom?

For companies with a broad range of services. From presentation to production. For companies whose strategic marketing and production requires comprehensive software for structuring and organisation.

In other words:

For people who need more than just CAD.

How many different applications do you use for presentation, setting out and shop drawings? Two? Three? Or even four? Do regular file exchanges cost you a lot of time but your CAD solution can’t handle the entire scope of your work?

Vectorworks interiorcad is the true alternative to your software hodgepodge. Plus you can still interface with other programs through Vectorworks’ built-in import/export filters. Issue CNC files to your point-to-point CNC Workcenter, send pdfs or Quicktime movies to your clients or generate DWG/DXF files to exchange documents with the Autocad world. interiorcad relies on Vectorworks as its CAD engine because it is the most flexible and easy to use 2D/3D CAD out there!

interiorcad has all the features to cover the complete range of tasks in modern furniture design and production.

Here’s a reference chartcomparing interiorcad with interior xs.

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